An Overview of Methodism

An Overview of Methodism Methodism is also known as the Independent evangelical church, the British Dissenters’ movement, or the Unionist church. It is a denomination of Christian religion that predates Christianity and some of the later mainstream Churches by hundreds of years. Methodism is an essential expression of faith in Continue Reading

Pentacostal Church Growth

Pentacostal Church Growth Pentacostal churches are growing in number across the world. A number of small communities have been built around the USA and UK. Pentacostalism, also known as Classic Pentecostalism, is a Protestant Christian denomination that emphasises direct personal contact with God through private prayer, fasting and personal worship. Continue Reading

Presbyterian Church – Beliefs & Practices

Presbyterianism is part of the Evangelical Protestant community in America, which traces its roots to Great Britain, in particular Scotland. The main branch of Presbyterianism is Presbyterian Church in America, or PCUSA. Others are Presbyterian Churches in Ireland and Presbyterian Churches in Canada.   The main difference between the Presbyterian Continue Reading

Understanding the Orthodox Faith

Understanding the Orthodox Faith The Greek Orthodox Church, also known as the Eastern Orthodox Church, is the third largest Christian church, having around 220 million registered members worldwide. It is governed by its Orthodox bishops in autonomous synods, each overseeing its own flock. Unlike the Roman Catholic Church, which has Continue Reading


Churches are the place where people gather to worship or attend special services for their spiritual growth and renewal. A church is often a small group of people dedicated to the same beliefs and practices that would guide their lives. In this article, we’ll take a look at some common Continue Reading