How do you create lead generation forms?

If you're looking for inspiration, these 10 contact forms are great examples you can use to get an idea of what your forms should look like. HubSpot's lead generation strategy has a lot in common with Sendinblue's, but it's much more ambitious. The lead capture form on your home page clearly explains that using your form I will receive a heat map that will tell me what causes visitors to my website to leave. The highest-converting lead generation campaigns deliver on what they promise and create a smooth transition from ad copy and design to delivery itself.

A potential customer is any person who indicates interest in a company's product or service in any way, shape, or form. From checklists to templates and free tools, here are 23 lead generation content ideas to get you started. Capture more qualified leads and turn them into paying customers with this free lead generation form. All of these examples are updated forms used by leading brands and I'm going to explain why each of them works so well.

Your lead generation funnel is only as strong as the lead form itself, so if you haven't optimized yours, now is the time. Lead generation is the process of attracting potential customers to your business and increasing their interest through encouragement, all with the ultimate goal of converting them into customers. Once you've gathered all of these elements together, you can use your various promotional channels to drive traffic to your landing page and start generating leads. Borrowing from the examples above, you could give a potential customer a higher score if they used one of your coupons, an action that would mean that this person is interested in your product.

You can see which lead forms drive the most conversions and which ones drive the most valuable customers. A colleague of mine designed a lead generation form on the home page for BrokerNotes that literally overnight increased the conversion rate from 11% to 46%. With that information, you can be sure that you have created the most effective lead generation form possible. You have no way of knowing how many fields your leads are willing to fill in, which questions are most likely to push them away, or even which calls to action are the most compelling.

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